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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:19pm EST

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and a lot of people need to get out on those roads between tonight, and tomorrow morning. and the storm team 4 radar showing no more systems, but you to go to the extreme southern counties down to the neck to see some slight snow there, but it is just about out of there. and you can see the snow system itself, pulling down to the south and the east, and leaving us on the dry side. it is also going to allow temperatures to cool quickly. the winter storm warn ings are quickly to the south, and it is going to be coming down and be cancelled within the next hour or so, and so we will not have warnings, and what we will have is the problems with the temperatures. and the snow is ending, and the frigid temperatures are moving in, and the roads are likely icy. and we mentioned the snow, and this is the second biggest snowfall that we have had in the month of march in the last 15 year, and we are talking about the coldest air that we have seen in march possibly ever. how about that? we will have more on that coming up. >> thank you, doug. breaking news coming into news4. 14th street just closed
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southbound at new york avenue due to the icy conditions. 14 th street have been closed de on the southbound lanes. >> and for proof of how bad it is on the roads, you can didn't have to look far to see a group careening out of control the full of tomatoes and spilling fuel all over the place. as the police were dealing with that crash, there was another guardrail on the other side of the highway, and no serious injuries, and as bad as it was today, the commute tomorrow could be worse. news4's prince's george county producer tracee wilkins was the there. >> yes, we were right there when the crash happened, but the roads were so bad that i want you to look at what we are happy to see here. plows are making their way on to the roadways. it is a convoy coming to save us from these treacherous roadways
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that we are dealing with w and we are seeing today, the first time something that we have not seen all day, and that is bare pavement. you can see the tomatoes that the truck spilled all over the road. the truck with was leaking diesel as well all over the road. the truck driver was taken to an area hospital. and the emergency responders have been all over the place. >> yes, just a call a moment ago and we are all over the place. >> and this young man crashed his car on route 50, but he walk ed to the ambulance with some help, and we saw a number of crashes and luckily the drivers were walking away from them. like this one on branch avenue. >> well, they flagged me down asking for help. >> this vehicle accident was so
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bad that the airbags deployed. >> the roads are messed up. you can't blame it on them. it is the roads. >> reporter: and the beltway was covered with more snow even after it stopped. but this is postally what we saw. wet pavement and what we saw earlier in the day. the idea is the less drivers on the road, the quicker they can be back to the normal after the plow. >> all i can say is stay the home. >> and the trucks are heading out here in largo. letting you know that they are on the job trying to take care of the roadways, but this is why they say to stay off of the roads in this weather, because they are not there clean iing tm out. they are waiting for the snow to stop to actually do the plowing. and that is why we have seen the roads in such bad condition today. and the folks dealing with cabin fever, and we found folks with a safer way to handle that. we will tell you about that on "news4 at 6:00" coming up. tracy wilkins in largo.
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>> and we have been out there looking at what you have been experiencing, including dangerous situations on the road. check this out, an suv flipped over on its side in a pond in franklin county. the snow caused the driver to lose control, and he was not injured. and despite the weather, in urbana, a snowday provided a lot of quality time for the families clearing snowways and roadways in the area. >> and in virginia, a news crew almost became part of the story while cover iing the conditionsn manassas. and melissa malay was reporting, but her truck stopped in time, and nobody was injured. >> and the road conditions are why two virginia school districts are calling schools to be closed.
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prince quill yam and fred rix county, virginia. you can get the realtime updates on school closings any time at nbc wgt p >> and interstate 95 is a priority road for crews in virginia today. but it is tough to tell it are from the video we shot. there was still a lot of snow on the roads at midday. and despite plow after plow after plow, the many mixture of ice and snow made streets a challenge for drivers today. northern virginia reporter david culver has been talking with crews cleaning the roads and the drivers in prince george's county. david? >> well, jim, i tweeted it out for the first time today, and you can see behind me the first time, the sun peeking out. i wish i could say that it was melting something as we pan out, but all it is doing is to illuminate the slick spots on the roadway tonight. these are the spots that the folks are having to watch out
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for, and i caught up with the e mrmg si crews the night, and they are prepping and gearing up for what could be a busy night. >> a sound all too common when the roads look like this. inside fire station 23, they are checking equipment, and their boots are ready to hit the snow, and county chairman cory stewart met us there, and he warns of a treacherous night and morning sglcht it is difficult to cle clear -- it is difficult to clear, because of the treacherous sheet of ice under the snow, and perilous conditions, and urging people to stay home. >> reporter: a tough drive for this man and his mom, and a four-hour trip from jersey. >> on the highway it is 50 mile s an hour. >> reporter: 50? >> to oh no, 1-5, 15 miles an hour. >> reporter: and look at this,
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five, six plow trucks, and the streets are still snow-covered. another look at that sheet of ice right here in woodbridge, virginia is, lining route 1. and maybe you are looking at the commu commuter lots and using them tomorrow morning if you have to go to work and we checked in with those as well, and i will bring you the progress of clearing those up. i'm david in woodbridge, virginia. >> and todayk the storm left many stranded. many of them were here in our airports. according the flight, there are more than 2400 flights cancelled nationwide, and reagan national was the worse with 70 flights cancelled and all three of the runways closed. and check this out, rob yingling of the port authority caught this with the crews trying to clear the runways even before the airport close downed the
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runways. the airport authority is expecting a rapid transition tomorro tomorrow. >> make sure you check in at the airport as they have been working all day today trying to get as many people out as possible. there were whiteout conditions on capitol hill, and heavy e snow made it difficult to spot the capitol building. this is the time lapse when the snow was at the peak. and when it eased off, the crews were at work clearing the stes s and the walkways. >> it is not a good snowday in our region if we didn't have a little fun with it. >> so we had our chief snow correspondent pat collins to issue a challenge to the washingtonians. snow us the frustration. we have dozens of entries from people in maryland and d.c. and showing us what they think of
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the latest winter storm. pat? >> well, jim, this weekend, we actually spring our clocks forward. how can you spring your clock forward with all of this stuff around? snow us your frustration. send in the angry, angry snow pictures. let's get on with the pat collins' snowstick challenge. there is a time and place for everything. but march is not the time, and washington is not the place for this kind of snow. we call this snow stick challenge "snow us your frustration." we ask you to send in pictures of your angry snow faces. best picture gets the snow stick. the pet category. get this snow is off of my nose.
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get the snow off my nose. get the snow off my nose now. you want me to go where? now i'm not leaving this house, and until it is 70. at the tirasol on connecticut avenue, they have clear ed a space on the sidewalk and put some chairs and tables outside and they say they are closed for breakfast, but they hope to open for lunch. sure they will. now, on to the wish fful thinki category. dresed for the weather that you want, and not the weather that the you have. hey, when does the pool open? i think it is open now. play ball. hey, did anybody plow the pike trail? what about an old-fashioned l u luau? maybe w a third cold eest
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temperature ever. and so temperatures are going to be in the single digits, and everything is going to be freezing, and many of the roads are still snow-covered, and they will stay that way tomorrow. and now storm team radar shows no more snowing in the area, and lit end. that is not the case though a couple of hours ago when the snow made it north to the south. we went yesterday for the storm total to 6 to 10 inches, and we didn't do too bad, and veronica johnson, that is probably better 4-8 number instead of 6-10. >> well, there have been a few spots, and neighborhoods who have picked upwards to 8 inches of snowfall. right now out here on the storm team weather deck, the crews have been doing a great job to move the powdery snow off, and that is the key tonight to make sure that any surfaces that you want cleared, the driveway, especially, clear it off. and anything that has a chance to melt today will freeze and freeze hard as soon
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